Monday, March 30, 2009

I heart mondays

Although the Post Secret website gets updated on Sundays I don't have the internet at home so have to wait until Monday at work to look at them

I've always wanted to send one in but then change my mind about what I want to say. If i were to send one in today it would say
"I wish I had more interesting friends" and would be scrawled over one of these photos in a
thick black permanent marker

Saying that probably makes me a bad friend but I'd love to have a friend that didn't care so much about what every thought of them and just lived a little. Also one that would walk down to the shops with me with our film cameras and take photos of pretty things on the way.

Is that so much to ask? I think not.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Isn't it funny how certain things inspire you travel down different roads in life you probably wouldn't have known about if it hadn't been for their gentle often unknown nudge

For example I have never had any desire what so ever to blog. I was quite happy to just follow others. That is however until I started reading quietmilks blog, I realise I possess less creativity than she does in her pinky but thought I'd give it a go anyway.

Here are a few of my other inspirations I thought I might share

Karen Walker

I love how her range is so simple yet edgy at the same time all the while being completely practical

Frankie Mag

I must admit this isn't as much of an inspiration as it was when I first read it. The mag has definitely helped me redefine a lot of various things about my personality, actions and views. I guess this has come from becoming a member of the forum which has so many bright and interesting followers

Andy Warhol

If it wasn’t for my Andy Warhol posters the complete layout/colour design of my room would be entirely different. In the past my rooms have always been very crafty looking but now I enjoy the bright colours that make up my room and want to try and embrace this through the entire house eventually. This alone is inspiring enough but then I think of his quotes. Simple yet razor sharp. Some of my absolute favourites are:


Although I can’t afford the clothes I like to think classic style and helped me shape mine some what and maybe one day I will have that hang bag I long for. In the mean time I will stick to what Chanel I can afford… being makeup. I really wouldn't mind kitting myself out like Michelle here


Although not a huge inspiration for me I do love what she does and hope to one day go to a dress up party as one of her characters. In the mean time I have drawings of hers on my wall to brighten my room up with


Which some may find strange me being a girl and him being a boy but I think everyone can learn from a person who can be simple yet so stylish. If I ever get a boyfriend I would like him to look to Pharrell for style tips.

Yes please

And lastly but not least

My Mother

She has always been a hugely creative person. And I like to think this has rubbed off me even in a small way. When I think of the way she designed little outfits for us, always made up fun games none of the other kids in the neighbourhood played and helped us create rooms that fitted our personality and even bought a house that included endless paddocks to get lost in, wild horses and it’s own creek complete with water fall I realise that I truly have led a good life and this reminds me not to take what I had then and what I have now for granted

In the beginning there was


So i started to type...

I've always been a blog follower so it seems only natural that I'd like to start my own blog I guess. Although now that I've taken the step I'm unsure I've chosen the right name and that I will actually keep this up.Should be interesting, please stay posted while I decide on something mildly interesting to blog about