Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the beginning there was


So i started to type...

I've always been a blog follower so it seems only natural that I'd like to start my own blog I guess. Although now that I've taken the step I'm unsure I've chosen the right name and that I will actually keep this up.Should be interesting, please stay posted while I decide on something mildly interesting to blog about


  1. Ah I felt the same way, still do actually, sometimes I brainstorm better names, and try to come up with awesome themes for new blogs! I'll probably end up with another five of them...all empty. haha.

    I think the name is lovely. Hope to see more blogs!

  2. Looking forward to what is to come!!!!!!!!!

    Ell NaanBread

  3. I'm glad you started to blog. I LOVE your blog and I feel honoured you're a follower of mine.