Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good things take time

right? wrong! when it comes to blog entries that is anyway. I've been so slack and haven't posted in too long. What's been going on lately you may ask? Not a heck of a lot, not enough to warrant a good excuse for not blogging... except that the I.T nazis at work have decided to block all blog sites which makes it a tad more challenging for me to peruse blogs during the day but still, no excuse i know. Well I'm still in the same job I was in however I'm changing my hours, as from next month I will be working just 3 days a week which will give me more time to focus on volunteer work along with my crafting which I'm looking forward to. So what's been inspiring me lately you may ask? 2 things in particular so here they are.

This wonderful market recently graced my home town and brought with it plenty of wonderful ideas for me to start creating. I've almost finished one and have a million more ideas running through my head thanks to it. And I must say it was perfect timing too now that it's a tad colder here.


Thanks to the chill this season come with iI've been forced to stay in doors and focus on the more important things, such as gingerbread houses for coffee cups and paper cut outs

Short and sweet, that's what this entry is. But I promise to write more later. Looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs too x


  1. Nice to see you again! I am so jealous of the snow pic! We only get dust storms here! Grrr!

  2. I'm dreaming of winter big time!

  3. Ooh stay inside with a massive mug of hot chocolate and a timeless soundtrack! So envious of the snow, your images make me want winter to come back round NOW!