Friday, April 24, 2009

Paris gets her puppies out

I was never much of a Paris Hilton fan, especially after seeing House of Wax. But since then I've became addicted to Simple Life and now find her hilarious. I find it interesting to see what other people think about her since so many of my friends can't stand the sight of her. I think she's got a great sense of humour and is in fact pretty switched on. I don't know, maybe it's because I see her as a fun and free-spirited person and so think I can relate to her on some level. Anyhoo here are a few pics of her for Guess with her well known accessory Tinkerbell.

Let me know what you think xx


  1. I don't know what to think of her honestly...
    actually I REALLY don't know what to think of the thing she's holding in the second picture down. Is that a feather boa or an actually puppy???? X)

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with her. Almost like I can't stop watching a trainwreck, you know? But I think she's real, when a lot of people think she's fake, so I'll give her that.

    Ohhh and I sooo agree about rock and roll chic! It's my fave look. <3

  3. Simple life IS pretty funny, I must admit! But I think it's mainly Nicole Richie that is the gutsy one who gets them into troubles. Regardless both of them together make a funny show

  4. By the way about the comment you left on my most recent post (i love your blog too by the way) trust me if your a bitch, i'm a bitch. the thing you said about no other guy will have her right now, that's exactly what i feel like with my friend. Thanks for the comment. I'm really happy you liked the post! :)

  5. i don't find her attractive at all
    but i do find her funny and i think she is pretty switched on also

  6. She makes me have a little sick in my mouth. Gross.

  7. I think she's a nice person,
    but she is soo.. hmm
    I dunno ;p

    I don't really like the pictures.

    I like your site btw! :)

  8. I though the video she did for during the election was HILARIOUS! She's made her own fortune playing the dumb blonde, and that is genius!

  9. I can't stand her and what she stands for.

    I saw her at the halloween playboy party two years ago. She's cute but has very broad shoulders (that's just what I noticed). Her sister was so drunk/on drugs she could barely stand. Yuck! I also saw her at a club and when her song came on she jumped up on a ledge on the dance floor and starting singing to it. Maybe I'm just jealous :) Hahaha.

  10. i really really dont like her! but i totally see why people do.
    to be fair shes veyr very rich and sucessful and for what? - shes basically making money out of having fun and i say 'good going' to her!
    i mean i never want to be a mini 'paris hilton' but i wouldnt mind making money the way she has! a sucessfull woman no doubt!

  11. I know a couple people that have met her and they have said that she is JUST as gorgeous in real life-perfect skin, hair, etc. and that she is really, really nice!

    I don't feel like I can judge her, so my opinion is neutral.

    xox, mavi

  12. But you didn't include the BEST picture of the bunch, the one where the chihuahua is sitting in here crotch with the most classic "whats that smell" look ever. Hehehe.

  13. I recycled a blonde wig and went as Paris Hilton for Halloween one year. Just had to get a stuffed animal puppy to put in my purse :)