Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wants versus Needs

I have great difficulty distinguishing needs over wants. Which is probably why there’s a huge stack of (unread) magazines in my apartment but no milk. Here are a few of my current needs and wants. See if you can tell which one’s which

Plane ticket home for the wedding

Chanel snowboard

Bass Guitar

Skateboard decks to put up on walls of my room

Contact lenses

Bloch flats

Huffer Hoodie


Digital SLR Camera


Space invaders wall decal

30th Anniversary present for parents

Aren't the wants so much prettier than the needs? I'm sure by next week these will be completely different. Or should I say, my wants will be completely different and my needs will probably not have changed at all.


  1. oooh, you neeeeeed the guitar :)

  2. omg...space invaders wall decal- definetely a need!!!!

  3. Yeah the space invaders wall thing is SO cool

  4. Hello! Nice blog you got! I did a post today about favorite bikinis check it out if you want!


    I also want the canon camera!!

  5. far out, i want the space invaders wall toooooooo
    and the camera
    and bloch flats

    nice :)

  6. haha i think i have this problem too!

  7. I have the space-invaders wall. and a pacman one also (:
    i do art, so i just spray-painted them on by makin' my own stencils. and i can tell you now that the wall is a need. it should be prioritised, lol. never underestimate the power of a space invaders wall. it'll boost your house marketing price... ahem.

  8. definately need the skateboards!! u could do that with cds. paint them in lots and lots of different colours and stick them up ur wall. way cheaper than the skateboards. and i suppose it looks cooler

  9. well with the skateboard decks and the space invaders on your wall, i think i'd move in!



  10. oh my word! i have the same problem: expensive taste but crappy budget.
    contact lenses - definitely! I put off getting these for years, but they are so freeing it's worth it.
    microwave - yup.
    camera - I'd try to find it at a discounted price.
    anniversary present - what did you have in mind?

    take care and have a great rest of the week!

  11. definately buy that camera :D

  12. Thank you :)

    PS: I love a good Cruise vacation myself ;) I always have a blast!! xo!

  13. 'wants' are so much more fun than 'needs' - you should get the camera...it's a wonderful gift to yourself!

  14. Oh thank you for coment!
    It's worth it and use the inspiration for Smokey Eyes shining in night!
    Oh must say that I love the idea ''A to Z about me''.. Can I make an ''A to Z about me'' on my blog? Love it!

    Have a good day sweetie!
    Xoxo, J.

  15. Glad you enjoyed my interview with Jen. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. : I know! I'm not one piece my self but that more because I don't wanna have the ugly sunburn! hehe.. But the first one i soooo pretty


  17. Haha! I love this blog. I have to agree, the wants are sooooo much prettier then the needs. :)


  18. Great idea for a post. Thanks for stopping by the other day, nice to have you as a follower :)

  19. the chanel snowboard seems pretty mandatory

  20. I love those stickers for the wall. Wants are so much more fun than needs. If only we had the funds to afford all of them! xo

  21. I love the stickers. I understand the trouble with needs vers. wants. Wonderful.

  22. i need a new camera too...well want.

    the crumpet girls

  23. Awesome post. Gosh, it think there is a constant fight between wants and needs with all the women. I go through it on a daily basis, but these days I am trying to stick to my budget and is it a surprise that I wiped my shopping budget in the very first week of April. AHHH so now I can only do wishful thinking!.

  24. I've a problem with that too!! I can spend for a bag and have no money left for a bill!! love the bloch flats :)

  25. omg haha!
    Well see I think I NEED that Chanel snowboard...or in my case the Chanel Surfboard-have you seen that one?
    I also need contacts lenses so when I ride upon said board...I don't ummm die.

    Tricky, tricky.
    You're a little ray of sunshine. I'm addicted. :)