Monday, April 13, 2009

Totally addicted to...

I don't really know if "addictions" is the word I'm looking for, maybe "obsessions" would be more fitting. Anyways I think that just like inspirations can shape and mould our personalities addictions can do the same job. They can change how people view us, be embarrassing, use up all our time and resources all the while building character. Sure they may be bad for you as well but I think most of mine are pretty tame and just a bit of fun. Here's a few of my current addictions:



Ed Hardy

Juicy Tracksuits

The Hills

Blunt Fringes

Reading Blogs

My favourite is the last one. I find people absolutely fascinating and so being able to read blogs about their interests and what's going on in their life is just amazing... especially ones with pretty and fun pictures. :]

Also I'm excited to say I'm finally booking an appointment at the hair dressers on Thursday to finally get that blunt fringe I've longed all summer for.


  1. Looovely blogs. I am a big fan of reading other blogs too, I have added many new sites to my reading list so it's alot of fun to go through them. I like to let them build up for awhile so it keeps me busy and happy. :)

    Ahh yum, a blunt fringe, I ADORE them, I really want one but I have been told it wouldn't suit me. I used to have one when I was a little girl and it looked cute, I spose my face shape isn't quite the same anymore haha. I am dying for a new hairstyle.

    Man this blog is inspiring, the pictures really made me think of what ones I would use. I am such a copycat! haha.

  2. That's funny because last time I had a blunt fringe was when i was a little girl too and my mum's been trying to convine me not to cut it. I think it was adorable back then so will be fine now.

    Aw wow really, that's a compliment in itself that you'd consider copying it! Thanks for the lovely comment :]

  3. Haha, as a possessor of a blunt fringe for many years now I can say that:
    1) it's almost impossible to do yourself [maybe that's just me though], 2) don't make it too thin (ie: make sure you get enough hair) and 3) Just Cuts do fringe cuts for $10, which is totally worth it! Also, when they start to grow, they start to separate (kind of "part themselves" so don't get it cut too long). I always go for a cm above the eyebrows. Sorry for my fringe cutting rant! Goodluck! Hope you post a pic after you get it done!

  4. i love all those mags too and those cameras!
    oh my, i would die to have that whole shelf to myself
    and blunt fringes are sexy!

  5. irina lazareanu's bangs are the best!

  6. Haha, I'm totally addicted to blogs, too. Love it. Magazines are pretty fun, also!

  7. P.S. So jealous of the fringe! Let us know how it goes :)

  8. I love magazines, cameras & blogs, too! =)
    Cheers to addictions!

  9. I am with you on almost every single one of those. And Ed Hardy? Why can you make a yellow platic chain look so damn good?

  10. Cameras - check
    Blogs - check

    You are a gal after my own heart!

  11. thank u! Also lovin' your blog!


  12. Aww! Great post.
    I love reading blogs too.

  13. Hehe, I agree. Reading blogs is an obsession for me as well. I just love them! I learn so much every day thanks to them, it will be hard to ever give them up :P

  14. Hey thanks for the comment! Good luck with the blunt fringe! I have one and they are annoying as they grow out after a week. They are fabulous, though!

  15. the cameras are rad, i need that cannon


    the crumpet girls

  16. awww thanks 4 ure comment
    i love ure blog aswell :)
    and totallly..magazines r my addiction especially dazed and confused,wonderland and some others

    and yup!!cameras!! i want a Nikon :]

  17. awww, i am definitely with you on the magazine and blog-reading obsessions!

  18. I have a camera and blog obsession at the moment too! and my Russh obsession will be lifelong, i think. I don't think it's possible to read Russh and not fall in love with it.

  19. Yes! Those camera's! It's my addiction too.

  20. What an awesome post. I'm addicted to the same things too :D

    And thank you for the great compliment, it means a lot for me!
    I like your blog too, I'll definately come more often here!

    Love, xx

    PS; Please don't mind my English, I'm Dutch hihi ;)

  21. Those are very pretty and harmless addictions;I love Polaroids and reading blogs and magazines too(among other things).

    We all have peculiar obsessions :)

    Thanks for the comments and have a nice week.


  22. Your blog is so delicious - it reminds me of one of those fabulous little treasure-trove shops you sometimes find hidden away in a sidestreet, filled with gorgeous one-off things! I love that Bazaar cover (the one above the Nicole Kidman cover) and those character-full dolls most of all. And I'm so glad you did my 'show your heart' tag! Belle is probably my Disney Princess too. :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! xx

  23. we have such similar addictions!

    & fun story.. actually met Christian Audgier (Ed Hardy's designer) volunteering at Miami Swim Fashion Week last year. He was sitting outside on a bench & I approached him and told him I loved his work. It was a very awesome moment!

  24. Good luck with the fringe! I love that look and am sure it will look great on you! xo

  25. i can DEFINATELY relate... i too am totally obsessed with magazines and blogs. so much, its quite ridiculous!! i also just got a blunt fringe cut a couple of weeks ago and im loving it!! good luck! xox