Monday, April 6, 2009

Sum yourself up in:

a picture
a poem
a song or piece of music
a phrase or quote
an item of clothing
a place,a Disney princess...
let the games begin!

The picture

The poem

I am crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you,
Even when I have seen you only once.
I am crazy enough to still be thinking about you,
Even when I know nothing of you at all.
Crazy enough to build castles in the sky,
Crazy enough to imagine you and me,
Crazy enough to never see
The lie of you.

The song or piece of music

There's a song I was listening to up all night
There's a voice I'm hearing saying it's alright
When I'm happy I am sad but everything's good
It's not that complicated I'm just misunderstood

The phrase or quote

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

- R Emerson

The item of clothing,

You'll never catch me wearing trousers so a dress is very me,
something a little pretty but not too over the top

The place

Gold Coast, Australia

The Disney princess



  1. I love this!
    Is the idea we all do one now?
    Because I am off to do this! This will take me straight to lunch time! hehe such a procrastinator.

  2. Yeah i think so, it's a lot of fun :] i got the idea from

  3. i luv ur disney princess :) thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog :) xxx

  4. Oh thank you for coment sweetie! :)
    Really all we love braids..
    Your hair is long? Oh my hair too, I'm in fight with my conscience and to cut it short .. Maybe when the shoulder you know?
    But the courage that disappeared? haha ..

    Come again dear.
    Xoxo, Jamily.

  5. you sure came up with good stuff here!!!!! well done. love it!

  6. Jamily I'm the same fighting with my conscience to cut my hair! My hair's down to my waist,so long!! I'm going back home to be bridesmaid for my friend next month so maybe I'll get it cut after that xx

  7. Hey thanks also for the comment sweetie!
    Oh this is not something confusing? I'm very willing to cut my hair, but I'm afraid of regret and fear of something else that I don't know what is .. Perhaps fear of the new is not it? My hair is almost at the waist, too, must cut here in Brazil and long hair are not seen, do you believe? Silly people! lol
    Will be maid of honor? Oh that is soo adorable! It's marriage right? I love weddings! lol
    Enjoy it sweetie!

    Xoxo, Jamily.

  8. I love this!! I think I a Belle, too!

  9. I love the poem! did you write it?

  10. this is so cute! i really like the photograph you chose to sum yourself up. its fun :)

  11. Pansieberry - No, wish i could write poems like that :] it was actually written by Lex La Var xx

  12. haha i did this a few weeks ago, it's so fun! xx

  13. :) thank you for the note on my blog! I like your blog to! - I'm like you I would always look at blog (mostly at work) and then like a year late decided I'm alil interesting - I'll start a blog!!! ps I love belle too - she is an underdog lover!

    becky :)